Your Total Health Profile

On your initial visit, you will be greeted by Debi, our office manager who will welcome you with a warm smile. You will be asked to fill out new patient forms or return the forms you downloaded from our website (See Patient Forms) which will provide important information about you and your specific health condition.

Once you have completed your intake forms, we will do a thorough inventory of your health, including dietary and exercise habits, your medical history, and previous care received. Physical, neurological, orthopedic examinations will be performed as well as muscle and spinal scans. Your spinal and muscular condition will be assessed in order to discover conditions that may be affecting your health. We may order laboratory tests, x-rays, and other diagnostic images and procedures as required.

Based on the information gathered from the initial visit, he will complete your total health profile. Once the complete picture has come into focus, we will assign priorities to your health issues and design your individual course of treatment. We will re-evaluate you at frequent regular intervals to insure that your care remains on target and your health goals are being achieved.

What to Expect

Once we have identified the cause of your health problem, we will begin care by administering adjustments and/or soft-tissue therapies. An “adjustment,” as doctors of chiropractic use the term, is a correction of any joint in the body which has abnormal movement patterns or fails to function normally. The adjustment can be given by hand or instrument, and consists of applying pressure to the joint areas that are out of alignment or that do not move properly within their normal range of motion.

Balanced Care

In addition to administering spinal and joint adjustments, we will also work with you on concepts and applications such as nutrition, diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, and stress management. We may also utilize other valuable therapies to aid in the healing process.

Should you require the care of a specialist, we will refer you for appropriate care if he cannot help you directly. Please plan at least 45 minutes for your first visit and know that we will take the time needed to thoroughly assess your specific condition. We won’t rush you, as high volume is not our goal — understanding your unique health situation is.