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How we’re Different …

As a healthcare consumer, you have a variety of options from which to choose. Some of these options may be misleading, conflicting or confusing — leaving a patient with more questions than answers.

What people need is a health coach — a Doctor that will take the time and have the knowledge to teach and explain how to live a pain free and healthy lifestyle. A Doctor that is honest, passionate and will educate you on all aspects of your health.

We have geared our practice towards being coaches for our patients. Our objective is to provide you with information that will empower you to make the right choice for you and your specific needs.

Why we’re Different

While the “pinched nerve” model is common and familiar descriptors of chiropractic, you might be interested to learn that the scope and application of chiropractic care encompasses far more than the spine alone.

While the spine’s alignment is an excellent reflection of one’s overall health — and can act as a sensitive early-indicator of ‘trouble conditions’ within the body — it is not the exclusive focus of our approach to maintaining your good health.

The spine simply reflects the state of the integration of neurological, metabolic, and musculoskeletal systems within the body. When those systems are in balance, the spine and all joints in the body are healthy. Factors in combinations as unique as your own fingerprint affect health — exercise, diet, digestion, sleep, environment, emotions, and heredity are all components of health that are commonly overlooked.

Our job is to discover and unravel this unique combination and craft an individualized plan that restores balance to your body. This approach is focused on finding the cause of your complaint or condition and fixing it to provide a lasting correction.

We practice a unique and personal brand of chiropractic. A dedicated professional, his warm, personable approach to practice instills in his patients a true sense of what it means to be cared for. His passion for his art combined with clinical expertise in spinal care, exercise and nutrition allows him to find the root of the problem and the very best way to address it so that his patients achieve fast and lasting results.


A Health Partnership

Our clients have high standards, both for themselves and for those they work with, and for the quality of their lives in general. They have an active desire to improve their health and they seek us out because they are ready to take the next step. We’re proud to work with such discerning and motivated individuals, and we’re honored to work as their health advocates.

We know that the more you learn about and experience our unique brand of care, the more confidence you will have in its ability to bring you to a state of greater wellness. We also know that the more you participate in reaching your health goals, the more benefits you will experience on a regular basis. We respect our patients and value their input, so we feel that it is important for you to know that you always have a voice and a choice in how your treatment proceeds. We want the best of health for you — and we invite you to join us in achieving it.